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This was a fun day of shooting and there were a lot of opportunities for all the shots I wanted, which made shooting more relaxing. Technically, I was shooting on my D90, which made some aspects of the shoot easier (angles, water level shots, bicycle cam shots), but made production last a little longer. I think it was worth it though.

Primary day/night was crazy. I ended up devoting a full 24 hour day to covering DC Mayoral Candidate Vince Gray, and in the very close race, he beat out the incumbent Mayor Fenty. This video is from the late (late, late) night election party at Gray's campaign.

Covering Teresa Lewis' execution was a really surreal experience, made even more complicated by the rather large debate surrounding her execution and her crimes. I wanted to make a more poetic video here, rather than a straight news coverage, and so I shot on the D90 to give me access to more creative shooting techniques like shallow depth of field. Additonally, the form factor of the camera makes me think more like a photographer, which I sometimes forget to do with a traditional video camera.

This was another really technical shoot. Knowing I would need to slow down Ovie's shots, I filmed in 720p60 and conformed down to 24p, from there I slowed the footage even more, aided by the high shutter speed I shot at. I was excited to pull in graphic elements and scientific nerdiness into the video too, and while there there were a lot of cold practices in Ballston where I didn't get a single shot, I'm happy I hung in there to get what I needed.

As I am quite the nerd, I really enjoy working Rob on these tech videos for the Post. The concept behind this shoot was mine, since Rob wanted to talk about the pros and cons of FaceTime on Macs, I suggested he write out a back and forth debate between two versions of him on the iPhone and Mac. To get the audio for the iPhone call I ran an 1/8" to XLR cable from the headphone jack on the phone into the camera.

This was a fun feature I got to work on one day. Music stories are great because they come with their own soundtrack.

Ghost hunting was an interesting assignment, I had been once before, and the supernatural always interests me. This was difficult to put together because while a dimly lit basement is certainly a kind of spooky locale, it doesn't make for the best visuals.

Ah yes, the Rally. This was a ridiculous day, filled with witty signage, varied people, and crowds so thick you could hardly move.

So that's where I am after 2 months at the Washington Post. This isn't all of my work, of course, but an (admittedly large) sampling of some work I wanted to share. You can find all of m stuff on, should you feel so inclined.

Tomorrow is November 1st, officially the start of my third month at the Post, and I'll be headed to Philadelphia for our midterm election coverage. I can assure you, there will be more regular posts on the blog before my first quarter at the Post is over.

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