Petey's Christmas

My younger cousin/godson has been obsessed with Indiana Jones and Star Wars for the last few years, and his recent acquisition of an Indiana Jones-Style fedora that he wears constantly gave me an idea for his Christmas present. At Thanksgiving he was wearing his hat, and for a brief moment I got him to pose in the setting sun before we went back inside for desert (we were playing Indiana Jones at the time (I was short round, for anyone interested). Anyway, I cut him out of the photo, found a poster of his favorite IJ film via google images search, put them together and got the whole thing printed up on 16x20in thick posterboard at Wal-Mart:

Indiana Pete!

The Finished Product.

Petey and Gift

....and here is Petey with his gift. It was one of the most rewarding moments for me, and not just as a photographer. He was super-excited about it the whole night and kept talking about showing it off to his friends. His excitement was probably the best Christmas gift I'd got in a long time.


  1. I wish I was Pete.
    Kid has good taste, and a good godfather.