New Nostalgia

Just playing around shooting video instead of stills while hanging out with some friends.

You can make anything interesting if you put it in black and white and add french music.

I know there are a lot of things that could be better about this, I'm experimenting and learning with shooting video this way so it can only go up from here!

I was kind of inspired by a piece Tom Kennedy showed me a few weeks ago before speaking at SU. The stuff I saw was just raw take by Philip Blenkinsop, a Noor photographer who normally shoots rangefinder 35mm, (Leica, I'm assuming). According to Tom, this was him experimenting with one of the new video Nikon HD-DSLRs (no note on the model).

Blenkinsop was shooting a fire somewhere in China, and it was pretty much a straight spot news scene, bystanders, firetrucks, burning store, the whole works. What was interesting about it was seeing how Blenkinsop was framing his video like a photograph. It was literally seeing what a great photographer does as he assesses a situation because Blenkinsop never actually took a still, or cut to a different movie clip. it was was about five minutes of him walking through the scene, framing his image, waiting for a moment and leaving, or panning, or racking focus.

Besides going along for the ride inside the head of a Noor photographer, I really liked, and am trying to emulate his style of shooting. Right now I think I have my "eye" where I want it, but I think short shots and in camera transitions are where I want to go. I want to master the long take, like Alfonso Cuaron and Tarantino.

To me there is something appealing about the raw collection of sensory data.


Nikon D90 + 85mm1.8
Custom BW Preset in camera.
Music: Rue St. Vincent by Yves Montand

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  1. "You can make anything interesting if you put it in black and white and add french music."

    Lollll. to top it off, the singer said, "croissant."

    This is a pretty cool video... definitely feeling the nostalgia.