Busy busy busy, and the VLP

This may be the busiest I've been this semester. Falling right on boot heels or Halloween was the annual New York State Field Band competition, which most people outside of CNY HS student's don't even know takes place in the Carrier Dome every year.

Why am I bringing this up? Well for the past couple years I've shot it as an action/event/stringer for Jolesch photography. By committing 14 hours this past Sunday to shooting marching bands, I get a nice check right before thanksgiving. The money is worth it, but the timing was less than perfect this year.

Not only was I still, ahem, "tired," from costume parties, I had a NEW 305 article due at 7am today, and I had to get a design up for the launch of the veteranslisteningproject.org. (Go check it out)

I got it all done, but I feel like I haven't slept in ages. To top it off I have two exams in PSY 205 tomorrow (why did I not realize this would happen when I scheduled my lecture and recitation classes on the same day?!) and I need to get to the library after work tonight to grab a research article for another project due tomorrow afternoon. I was hoping to go home and pass out at 10pm but "thankfully" I remembered my class obligations in my last lecture today.

Despite tomorrow being another 12-14hr day, courtesy of our late-night NewsHouse meetings, I think I can finally close my eyes in about 24hrs.

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