NEW 305 Updates

My current project for 305 is how students manage their faith and their studies simultaneously. I've been in contact with the heads of five religious groups on campus trying to set up interviews for it, my logic is that if I start at the top, they can put me in touch with students in their respective groups.

So far I have only two confirmed interviews but I'm also still waiting on a bunch of callbacks. In addition, I found two groups that will make great leads on future stories, the Buddhism association (which has scheduled meditations weekly at Hendricks Chapel), and Virtuous Expressions, a Christian dance troupe.

Wish me luck on nailing the interviews!


Update: Argh! One of the interviews I thought would be a definite "yes" came back as a no go. Dean Sprinkle, of Hendricks, is not in the office for the next three days. Emailing him directly to see if we can at least get a phone interview.

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