Muslim women and the Hijab

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This is part of an ongoing project, more details to come.


Originally I set out to find Muslim students at Syracuse for a project in my religious studies class, where we were to interview a few followers of Islam and write a paper. I got to thinking about the project and thought that it could make for some good interview practice. I decided to focus on the relationship between Muslim women and the Hijab because of the varying western views towards the headscarf in the past few decades.

I met Najah at the Islamic Society of Central New York Mosque on a visit for class. Her passion as she spoke led me to pursue an interview with her. Unfortunately, only a small portion of that interview is in the cut above, but I hope to expand on this project to include some of the more complex points she made.

Dania I found while walking through the café. I noticed her talking with a friend, introduced myself, politely asked if she was Muslim and explained my project to her. She agreed to set up an interview with me and to my luck presented a unique view on the subject. Unfortunately due to my schedule we didn't have time to get to one interesting aspect: as a broadcast journalist she plans to pursue her career with the headscarf. Luckily, we'll be doing another interview again in the coming week.

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