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Bear with me now, I need your help. I have an idea for a video project, but I need to do some crowd-sourcing. Inspired by the lip-dubbing videos I found on vimeo,  as well as a recent music video done for a band called SOUR, I've decided to do my own lip-dubbing video.

All things considered, I figured a great song to use for this, would be a Girl Talk song, since he uses so many easily remembered lyrics, and I decided that having my friends and other readers of this blog record themselves singing to the song would be an excellent source for this video mashup.

I want a lot of people singing and what have you so that I can  do some (top secret of course) things with the video once I have enough submissions.

So please, help me! I am using the song Play Your Part (part one) off of Girl Talk's 'Feed the Animals' for this project. All you need to do is use your webcam (I know from Google Analytics that nearly everyone who reads this has a macbook, so I know you have a webcam) to record yourself lipsyncing to the song. Then just get the song to me. Tips and instructions follow.

Getting the song:

•If you have it already, why are you reading this?

•Download a copy from me from divshare here.


•If you don't know the song, listen to is a few times first, before recording your video.

•If you forget the lyrics or don't know them, or there are none, bob your head, dance, do something wacky.

•Get into it! This is a group effort and if I get a lot of people looking blandly into the camera while they lip-sync, it just won't work.

•Be as loud or as quiet as you want. Your audio won't be used, so play the song on your computer, or stereo, use an iPod and headphones, mouth the words, or belt them out like a drunken karaoke singer, it doesn't matter.

•Mind the light. Be sure to use a lamp or a well-lit room so that your face is lit enough, you're going to be famous, baby.

Getting the video to me:

•Go to DivShare and use the login, with the password themashupproject

•upload your video, and then email me the divshare link to it at

•blog, tweet, tumbl, facebook, and share this in any way that you can, the more the merrier!

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