My piece on Andy Meyers, the wine sommelier and heavy metal drummer, was selected by my Newhouse professors to compete in the Hearst multimedia contest!

The school can only send two multimedia pieces to represent the entire communications program, so I'm pretty psyched mine was picked.

The other student whose work was picked was Megan Lange (also here's her blog), for her piece "Living in Faith"

I first did the video for the Washington Post during my summer internship, and I'm pretty thankful that my professors chose it to represent the school for the Hearst competition.

Check it out on SU's Newhouse school news website, the "Newshouse," here.

Also, I just implemented some ads on the blog. Its something I'm experimenting with to see if I get enough traffic to bring in a little extra money for staying alive and whatnot. I can assure you that 100% of the proceeds will go towards poorly thought out investments and half-baked chicanery.

But in all seriousness, let me know what you think about this. If you hate the ads (I tried to make them as unobtrusive as I could), tell me and I'll try to adapt to your needs, Charles Darwin style.

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