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So was updated today by yours truly. The biggest change you'll notice is that almost none of the content is locally hosted anymore. I took a look at some of the new things flickr does, and some of the stuff Vimeo has always done, and decided it was foolish to try to manage the backend myself when there are professionals already doing it for me. now, all images are hosted via flickr, and loaded via a flash slideshow. All videos are vimeo embeds. The only local content is multimedia like interactive flash and QTVRs.

The decision for this was really two-fold, first, as I mentioned above, I was tired of fighting with my backend. Its much easier for me to manage my content through other channels than to fight with Slideshowpro Director, or create my own backend. Second, this decreases my site's size immensely, thus cutting down on bandwidth and saving space on my server to host client files and personal backups.

From my point of view (and feel free to refute this in the comments), this isn't lazy web design, its practical. I don't want to pay the absurd prices for a qphoto or livebooks account, but I want the ease of use. Additionally, I like to be able to control my own site design down to every minute detail. While I am an experienced web designer, I am not an experienced enough coder to build a system capable of handling all of my media, this solution is rather simple and elegant for me, and allows me to manage slideshows via flickr sets, and videos via vimeo embeds. The only content I need to hand code, as I mentioned previously, are my interactives.

What this ultimately means is a cleaner, more stable site, that will be updated when I have new media, rather than after I've finished fighting with a CMS.

Here's to the future.

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