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So, Rosie, my good ol D70 has bit the bullet after close to 5 years and over 100, 000 frames. Nikon sure can make em!

Though I'm sad to see her go, I'm thankful I keep my gear on the family insurance policy. I try to look at this as a forced upgrade, even though having only a point and shoot to work with can be frustrating (though I love my Samsung NV24HD, as everyone I've ever met will tell you), especially since I just got a new lens for the Nikon.

At any rate, I'm trying to choose a new camera body for when everything settles and I can finally shoot an SLR again. I'd prefer a D700, I mean, what nikonian wouldn't?!

The problem, though, is that its out of my price range, so unless I can either convince Adorama or BH to drop their price for me, or get some wealthy benefactor to pay the difference, I'm limited to a D90 or a D300.

So the question is, which one? Do I go for the solid pro body, or the option to shoot HD video on an SLR? The D90 is a similar form factor to the D70, and shoots HD, but with no mic input. The D300 will last longer and survive the crap I put my camera through, but, as a multimedia journalist, will I miss out on the video?

I already have a still camera that shoots HD vid, but the D90 would no doubt be better. Do I need the faster frame rate of the D300? Any input is greatly appreciated!

Oh, and since I'm pushing this out to the twitterverse and several other places on the web, here's a list of gear that may or may not be helpful in giving me advice:

Nikon 20mm 2.8
Nikon 50mm 1.8
Nikon 85mm 1.8
Nikon SB-800
Manfrotto Monopod
Samsung NV24HD
AMD GPS photolinker
Quantaray tripod (clearly the money went to the above items)

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  1. If you can afford it go with the D700. With the FX body you'll take all the advantage from those prime lenses, mainly the 20mm.

    Just my 2 cents.