Weekly Faux-laroid.

So, I stumbled across Poladroid today and found myself won out by what I originally thought was a pointless program.

Besides the sheer coolness of the program--pick a jpeg for it to polaroid-ize and it spits it out the front of its instant-camera-styled interface, then you can shake the photo around the screen while it develops, or let it sit--it offers a nice aesthetic that can have unpredictable results.

I was trying to think of a cool way to use the app while browsing through my Lightroom catalogs, and it dawned on me that the "instant nostalgia" of a polaroid gives the perfect feel to grab shots, party photos and the like. So, once a week from now on I will post one Faux-laroid. This will be an exercise for me to shoot with the opposite aesthetic of photojournalism, and a fun way to have a nice collection of photos of friends and family. Plus its a nice outlet for personal photos.

Some are already up here. Check it out because I will only be posting new ones here on out.

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