I love my family. Seeing my mom last week and my cousins this past weekend were some of the best things for me this semester. My roommates are probably just as sick of hearing me talk about how awesome my family is as they are of hearing me talk about my camera. Besides being my cousins, my blood relatives, Daniel and Kendal are two of my favorite people, and two of my closest friends. Of course I'm going to be closer to relatives my age, but Uncle Bill is just as important to me. He is my godfather, and I look up to him for how I should be taking care of my godson, Petey.

Its been a hard semester for me here, and as much as I hate to admit, I do get homesick on occasion. I was doing fine until I had all of these visitors, but now all I want to do is get home to see the rest of my family! I miss them more than they know.

I love my family. But more than that, I'm proud of my family. It doesn't matter the circumstances, the when, the where, or the why--we are always there for each other. We support and love each other. Even at the times when I feel my weakest, my family is there to remind me how to be strong, and why to be strong.

Using the hi-tech to get lo-tech. Faux-laroid of of my cousins and uncle at the top tourist photo spot in London.
Kendal, Kendal street. . . get it?
The newest addition to my family! This is Saylor, a 10 week old golden retriever my parents just got (that's my dad holding her). I miss having a dog so much, I can't wait to meet her!

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  1. Cute. Looks like my dog except probably sucks less. (My dog sucks.) Golden retrievers are in my top five favorite breeds of dogs.