I haven't totally finished my edit from this weeks trip to Shetland yet, but photos (and hopefully video) will be up soon. Until then, here are some quick things I did this week on the trip:

  • 1070 miles by bus
  • 430 miles by ferry
  • 120 miles by car
  • 30 miles by foot (roughly)
  • 1.2 miles by hitch-hiking.
-Frolicked with seals (I felt like Attenborough as I filmed 25 harbor seals from 15 feet away)
-Chased sheep
-Fed Chickens
  • Shetland Lamb
  • Shetland Salmon
  • Lentil Soup
  • Bailey's Cheesecake
  • Irn Bru (Scottish highlands beverage)
-Saw 2 rainbows (every day!) in Shetland.
-Saw seals and sheep playing within 20 feet of each other.
-Went beach-combing
-Saw a Damien Hirst artwork
-Went to 3 museums
-Got an idea for an Alexia Proposal
-Drank too much wine on my ferry back to Aberdeen
-Had good fun with some Scots and Shetlanders while drinking too much on my ferry to Aberdeen
-ended up looking homeless while waiting for a bus in Aberdeen (I had to give a 2-pound coin back to a woman who mistook me with my beard and backpack for a vagrant--maybe I should shave?)

And lastly I got to meet two of the nicest people I have ever known; Tony and Beth Gerrard, who took me into their home in Shetland. Thanks so much to the two of you! I'll be sending you package soon!

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