How do the republicans do it?

I just want to step away from photography for one post and make one point:

John McCain is a geriatric white man. He was born into an Navy family, and not so surprisingly was ushered into Annapolis. He served in the vietnam war, and entered politics, helped by his family's prominent background and his war service. He has been serving in the Senate since 1982. He owns 7 houses, 13 cars and a private jet.

Barack Obama is middle-aged black man. His parents divorced when he was 2, leaving him the son of a single mother. He is newer to congress, and is the first black man to become a major party's presidential nominee for president. He owns one house, one car, and a bike.

Obama is often characterized as an "elitist." John McCain's nickname is "the maverick." Think about this for a while, and try not to bleed from your ears.

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  1. Too late. They've been bleeding for months and it only seems to get worse!

    This will make you laugh.