One cannot simply walk into Edradour!

Got back earlier today from a weekend-long trip to Scotland. Long story short I was supposed to come back early Monday, but it was so awesome I had to stay until early Tuesday.

We bused into Edinburgh, which had its charms, but the real beauty of Scotland is in the Highlands, which we saw plently of as we drove our rental car up to Loch Ness.

Camping ended up getting voted down, and though Andrew and I were excited at the prospect of being awakened by Nessie, staying in a warm hostel was definitely a boon.

We toured the Dewars Distillery, which was damn touristy, and not too fun, and also the Edradour Distillery, which was hands down awesome.

Edradour is the smallest scotch distillery in Scotland, and therefore the world (since true scotch whiskey can only be made in Scotland). While I haven't developed a taste for the spirit, and I doubt I will, the tastings we did at both breweries were fun, and in my mind Edradour is far superior--I like to think this is because its run by three men, who have passed it down for generations, and they do it all by hand. What Edradour produces in a year, Dewars produces in a week.

Like I said, I don't have much of a taste for whiskey, but Irish Cream on the other hand. . . delicious. I sampled Edradour's Creme Liquer and fell in love. I bought a bottle there, seeing as how you can't get Edradour outside of Scotland (or outside the distillery, unless you want to do some searching). It was a tad expensive, but cheaper than Bailey's is stateside, and a couple pounds cheaper than the only whiskey shop in Edinburgh that carried it (Andrew ended up getting a bottle once we made it back to Edinburgh).

What else. . . oh yeah, we also tracked down and walked through the ruins of a castle that was likely owned by William Wallace, and had no tourists, but was insanely beautiful. Chased sheep, got lost, got rained on, drove on the wrong and right sides of the road and made it back more alive than before we left. It was the best journey I've been on so far, and the most beautiful country I've seen yet. Amsterdam is in two weeks, it'd better wow me!

Anyway, the weekend was fantastic on many levels that I can't even enumerate, so thanks to Andrew, Juliette, Taylor, and Dave, and to Scotland, Edradour, William Wallace, the Royal Mile and Edinburgh.

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  1. AJ I'm a bit arachnophobic, and that spider photo did an effective job of making me say "Whoa" when I saw it.

    My second favorite photo is the first one.

    Cool shots...Keep'em coming. Or else.