Oil Shock: Drilling for Answers on High Prices | WaPo.com

Cheap oil, which helped push the American Dream away from the city center, isn't so cheap anymore. As more and more families reconsider their dreams, land-use experts are beginning to ask whether $4-a-gallon gas is enough to change the way Americans have thought for half a century about where they live.


I'm so psyched that this story finally went live! I got to do a ton of new stuff for this, including bringing the panos into Google Earth--which may sound dull, but until you download the file and "fly" into one, you won't get how cool it is.

I need to send a HUGE thanks to Sarah Sampsel for making the panorama page look incredible. Of course I need to thank Alicia Cypress, Nelson Hsu and Tom Kennedy as well for making the whole thing happen.

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