Uncorked: Latest work for the post

My latest piece for washingtonpost.com is this video profile of Andy Myers. I'm very happy with the editing work that I did on this, and I'm excited about that because I'm just getting my feet wet when it comes to video journalism.

The biggest compliment I have gotten in a long time came today when I asked post videojournalist Pierre Kattar to critique this video for me, and he said it was "incredible." Pierre is an insanely talented (check out his work on the post's investigative series: "Who Killed Chandra Levy?", and his Emmy nominated works, "Contamination and a Crusade," and "being a Black Man") and award winning journalist. So it was a huge compliment, and pretty startling to hear from him.

Of course there were things he had to criticize too. Lots of things. Tiny little adjustments that aren't noticeable (to my as of yet untrained eye) until I fix them.

At any rate, I'm not going to tell you what the video is about so you'll just have to watch it!

PS - lots of work being done on the website this week. The new version and its new features may be up before I was planning, so keep your eyes peeled.


  1. one of the few times the whole "woodstock movie split screen thing" wasn't a bad idea

    good job cub scout

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