FINALLY! My pet project goes online at

EDIT: I am currently featured on the front page of the photo section.


After weeks of coding, presenting my project to my boss and to other section heads, tweaking design, coding more, and obsessing over every detail to the extreme, I feel like I've now really left my mark on

Let me back up. I pitched an idea that instead of having a slideshow of images from this year's 4th of July, I would geocode the photos so that they would be presented graphically on a Google Map. The idea was that since the show only comes once a year, and you can't move around without missing it, you miss so many other good angles.

So, with some cooperation between myself, Tom Kennedy, Michel Ducille (and the WaPo photodesk and photogs), and the WPNI multimedia section, I made it happen.

While this map is by no means going to be a huge deal for everyone who sees it, I feel really proud that I took this idea in an area I had no expertise in, taught myself the tools I needed, collaborated across the newsroom, and pulled it together on deadline as well.

Additionally, I feel very strongly that location based data and interactivity are going to become huge in visual and interactive journalism in the coming years, and I'm very glad that I made the push for this (this is a first for the multimedia dept of

Well, I don't want to drone on about my thoughts on journalism, so, if you get the chance, check out the map and leave a comment here to let me know what you thought (even if its negative, I can take it!).

I also produced this panorama tonight too, I really do think its a stunning image (especially if you see the full resolution, which I'll post a link to soon), but QTVRs, while awesome, are already out there. I'm hoping I can keep pushing with geocoding and bring new tricks to trade.

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