Snowboarding photos JF/BB

Here are some photos from riding today at Jack Frost (daytime) and Big Boulder mountains (nighttime) the sequence images from the daytime were done in PS, but the sequence photos at night were done using RPT mode (repeat mode) on my new Nikon SB-800 flash. essentially you set the hertz and total flash count and match that to your exposure, and the multiple flashes create multiple exposures in one frame, since my subject (Pat Wren, by the way) was moving, the flash illustrates his movement through my field of view.

Click a photo to enlarge, and navigate the gallery using the next/prev buttons on the image.

EDIT: I re-toned a couple photos on here since first posting.

EDIT/NOTE: it looks like the lightbox script isn't working on this post for some reason. . . please bear with me while I work on that! For now I've just enlarged the size of the photos on the actual page.

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