New projects and a job, plus, my DO duck.

UPDATE: Cool! I didn't know so many people were interested in me.

So I'm working on a new project in photo-j that I want to make long term-- a photo essay on legal immigrant employment. More details to come soon, but thankfully this story is off to a better start than my work last semester (5 stories falling through in a row!).

Luckily, I also scored a job for the semester, the pay isn't phenomenal, but its in a stipend so that may make it easier to save. I'll be a videographer for a non-profit that makes videos for immigrants and refugees in Syracuse who don't speak english at all. The goal of the videos is to teach basic skills (shopping for food, cooking, etc) without using any language. . . it will be interesting to communicate purely visually through video. Even luckier is that this will provide me with a wealth of contacts for my project.

I'm trying to formulate an idea right now for my photo-i class too, it has to be an abstract illustration to run with an economic editorial/enterprise piece. I have some ideas based off of icons and metaphors, but nothing I'm happy with yet.

Also began work on a political cartoon for the animation part of my Flash design class.

Lastly, last night was my. . . last night at The Daily Orange. Anyone familiar with The D.O. knows what a duck is, you can read my farewell duck here.

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