I have a Job (internship)!

Can't believe I forgot to post this when it happened . . .

I got accepted for an internship at washingtonpost.com this summer!

I'll be working as a photography intern, and from what I gathered, I get to go out on assignment, create stories and work with as much multimedia as I want to. I'm psyched!

I accepted the offer a couple days ago and the ball should be rolling by month's end. Its nice not to have to worry about the summer anymore!

Except now I need to find another part time job in DC, find an apartment and save every penny I earn until this summer so that I don't go broke like last summer. . . .

But thats what makes life fun!

Thanks again to those who interviewed me at the Post!

Where I'll be working

PS- one of the best parts is that I get to be with friends too. . . it seems my friend Meredith Bowen will be working in print news design at the Post, another friend Zach Berman will be a sports intern, buddy Seamus O'Connor works at the Air Force Times close by, and its possible that fellow photog Nick McCann will be at Newsweek.

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