Mandelbrot part 3 - multimedia?

Here is a very rough preview of a project I'm working on for my Photo Illustration class. I'm trying to challenge myself to go outside my comfort zone and use tools I don't know. I've been pushing myself a lot in photoshop for this project, which I am comfortable with, but I just started using Motion and After Effects, which are another beast altogether.

Heres the original image (click to enlarge as always):

Heres a stab at animating it:

Note that this is only about 20 seconds long (titles included), when I'm finished I plan on telling a short story involving the fractal/breakfast in about 1 minute.

I've storyboarded how I want it to go, and thought up the audio I will use, but I'm being cautious, this could either go over well or completely flop.

Heres to hoping!

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