Behind the scenes

Here are some photos of Nick McCann working on our PHO 403 (illustration) project, "food, glorious food," with friends Meredith Bowen and Andrew Henderson. My project is in the previous post.

One thing you may find interesting about these photographs is that my camera was not synced with Nick's flash, but that it does illuminate the photos. I achieved this with a technique I figured out in HS when I didn't have a means to sync my flashes, but did have a tripod.

In essence, I set the camera's shutter to "bulb," and estimated my aperture (to expose the flash) from Nick's settings. I would keep the shutter open while holding still until nick fired his flash, which would create an image. You don't see any blur because the scene is only lit for the split second when the flash fires. In some photos, the flash fired twice, with interesting results.

As always, click to enlarge/view captions.

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