The Any Key: Appeasing iPhone users could come back to haunt Apple


I was originally going to write about wireless internet theft this week and intentionally NOT cover Apple's product announcement last week, but what with deadlines, procrastination and, admittedly, some interesting issues arising from the aftermath of Steve Jobs' "one last thing," it was unavoidable. Besides, what kind of tech columnist would I be if I didn't give you my opinion on Apple's much-ballyhooed product announcement?

To sum it up for those who purposely avoid the news, lived under a rock until recently or hate Apple (I might as well admit right now that I love Apple for full disclosure's sake), last week Jobs' announced updated iPods, including the introduction of the frequently-speculated iPod touch. The company also dropped the price by $200 on the iPhone, discontinued the 4GB model and announced the inclusion of ringtones to the iTunes store, as well as a mobile iTunes store.

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