A Couple Things. . .

1- I started doing yoga again- this time on an actual routine basis. I get unlimited free classes in exchange for cleaning the studio once a week. Its pretty cool, classes are like $40 otherwise, and membership prices are absurd, so its cool to think that depending on the amount of classes I take I'd be earning about $150 per 3hr shift. The studio is really nice as well, its a small chain, but really well managed, the studios are all wooden floors with floor to ceiling windows and creative mood-lighting. Its a lot like being in a karate studio, minus the bowing and the pagodas.

2- I'm getting to do published work in SKI now! I designed a mac hed/opener and an accompanying logo, plus I got to do three photo-illustrations for the same article. The Art Director told me I can do some page designs later on too, and still design smaller stuff in the meantime.

Well thats all for now, I'm probably gonna hit the Boulder Creek Path and bike. That path takes you all the way through boulder and back around, following the creek. Its beautiful when you get into the mountains, and a good workout since its about 14 miles total.- Bye!

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