So imagine you're out in essentially the middle of nowhere, on top of a mountain peak, with wind easily 30mph trying to force you in to the basin below, the full moon comes out from behind the clouds and lights up the entire basin, and then you drop in.

Thats what I did last night.

I'm pretty stoked, even now, that the first riding I ever did in Colorado was at Loveland Pass during a full moon, hiking, and then riding down a 45-degree-plus slope. I didn't take any photos that night, but I'll post some of brad's here as soon as I get them (PS thanks Brad for telling me a: theres no way youre not coming this weekend, and b: theres no way youre not going to ride the pass at midnight).

Then we did A-Basin today (thank you Matt [roomate] for the pass, and for looking enough like me to get up the lift) and it was awesome, since next to no one was riding, and the conditions were pretty much perfect (oh, a thank you to Garrett for letting borrow his setup for the weekend. . . so many people in Boulder have been treating me so well!).

To top off a great weekend, when I came home and checked my cell messages (no service in them there mountains), I had a message from a manager at one of the places I applied, I should have an interview this monday! (I'll let you know where the interview was at if and when I get the job.



  1. pretty pictures...but you haven't returned my phone calls, ho! miss you :-)

  2. Love the pics too.

    It's nice to see you and Brad back together, where you two belong.

    I'm still looking for cheap flights to come see you/ski lots and lots. I'm thinking maybe late July or mid-August...how's that work for you? ;0)