Job Updates

so i am now a sandwich artist at subway restaurants! it does not bode well for me though that leah just quit her job at subway in ohio. . .

anyway, i did my training already at subway, and my first full shift is tuesday.

i also had an interview with wild oats grocery, and it looks like i may get a shift or two there as well, so that'd be cool.

ski mag has just been rockin so far, the photo shoot thursday was cool, but a lot of sitting around, i was under the impression we were renting a studio to shoot in, but we were assisting the studio who was hooting the skis for us, which wasn't as cool, but they had a great setup and awesome workflow, neither of which helped the photographer at all. his shots turned out very nice, if standard. . . i'll just say that i'd never pay him by the hour. (5 skis, 5 boots, 8hrs!).

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