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haven't updated in a while, and since I'm in the midst of one of my frequent cycles of not-being-able-to-sleep-but-also-not-exactly-insomnia, I figured I'd hammer out a post with a bunch of recent info.

First off- my website has been under renovation for about a month now, and I think its shaping up nicely, you can go directly there by clicking here, or copying and pasting http://web.syr.edu/~ajchavar/test in your browser. The site is definitely still in a draft form, especially since I'm learning Flash as I go, so any critiques/bugs are appreciated. Right now I'm in the process of changing my image/flash hosting from local storage to DivShare-- D.O. alumnus Rob Howard's Web 2.0 venture, which has been performing pretty damn well, I'm just hoping that the external hosting will be copasetic with the flash slideshows. I'm also scouting out domain registrars right now, so I can get the rights to www.ajchavar.com.

I have a few photos to share too, these were taken around 5:30AM, from the top of Flatiron One, Brad and I decided to hike up pre-dawn to take photos of the sunrise. I only have three I really like, most of the others are experimentations in HDR photography, which is a process of combining multiple images shot from a tripod at different exposures to create one photo that has a Higher Dynamic Range than anything possible with traditional techniques. Theres one HDR image in the slideshow below, its the landscape.

Other photo/web news: I've been doing a lot of panoramics lately, and I'm looking into implementing them in my site as well, possibly using Zoomify and AutoPanoPro

Another project I'm starting is a stop motion video for the A/V section, I'm thinking of doing my bike ride to work because there are a lot of possibilities for tangents and interesting motion photos. I'm also considering a walk through Pearl Street, where I work, because that might compliment my Pearl Street Portraits project. That project is pretty self-explanatory, and my goal is to paint a picture of Pearl without photographing the environment, only the people (who range from skate punks, goths, business men, kids in fountains, bums, numerous street performers, and pretty much anything else you could think of), so I think an accompanying A/V element would compliment it well.

Speaking of Pearl, work at both jobs has been fun, I got to do a short write-up for a bluetooth enabled helmet at SKI (so you can answer your phone/listen to your iPod while staying safe and warm), and I'm pushing for it to become a product of the year so I can do a longer write-up. I also submitted some photos to Skiing Mag, turns out the Asst. Photo ed there, went to the same HS I did, and we had the same photo teacher! Shes doing a short essay on JF/BB mountains and asked me for photos of skiers. I'm not holding my breath on getting published though, since my hard drive crash at the end of HS wiped my archive of snow shots. I could only send her some amateurish shots of East Mountain, taken with my Voigtlander last winter.

Subway has been rocking too, I'm definitely on the Jared diet, and I look pretty spiffy in my Subway visor. Besides the numerous kitchen-related injuries I have from not doing foodservice in a while, its been painless, except that I have to go to an initiation seminar (3 weeks after I started?) the next town over. The upside is that in the process I found out I'm eligible for a free (I think lifetime?) bus pass courtesy of the city of Boulder because I work a specified distance from my job. I doubt I'll use it often since I love my bike, but this is just another reason Boulder rocks!

Oh yeah, the bike, funny story. I was riding home from Subway and a tent at the weekly street fair was selling bikes. I traded my original 1-speed cruiser for a 10-speed racing street bike. Its orange, from the 70s and made by JC Penney, score!

Oh yeah, it also has less rust, gives me a better workout and lets me get to work faster. I named her Debbie, for no real reason, except that it didn't feel right to name her Kelley since I had abandoned the old bike.

The only other new thing on this end is that I'm totally getting into internet TV, its fantastic. I've caught up on all the old episodes of Futurama, Family Guy, Mythbusters, and South Park that I missed. I've also started watching the older seasons/missed episodes of The Office, House, and LOST. Basically the shows I couldn't watch cause I'd be at work (though next year DVR will bring a whole new dimension to this. . .). Also, National Geographic has their own online channel where you can watch pretty much everything except brand new shows, which is great for me, because I'm a nerd.

UPDATE: One last note- I'm getting interviewed by College Publisher about online journalism, its essentially feedback for how they should be running the hosting, but its pretty cool, they're only doing it with select schools, kinda like how we got the video deal from them. I think The DI and the UPenn Paper are being interviewed too.

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