Estes Park Rocks!

Estes was awesome!

We (myself, Bradford, Jackie J, Beef) just got back from Estes/Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park, and it was gorgeous, so much so that words don't do it justice. In fact, I've included a slideshow of photos below, for just that reason.

But, in the realm of things that words can explain, I'll list a couple things we got to do/see in the park:
Upon entering approx 20 vipers form the Viper Club of America pulled next to us and we took some shots of beautiful cars and beautiful mountains.
We hiked/climbed a waterfall, which is pretty standard, except, being photographers we did it with all of equipment on our backs (special thanks to LowePro and Crumpler bags).
We got to boulder next to a waterfall (well, kinda, they were small boulders).
I got within 60ft of a reindeer buck, close enough to take photos even with my 50mm lens, the longest I have.
We (once again), had the chance to play with snow in the summer.
A chipmunk crawled on my leg (several times).
We saw some of the most breathtaking mountains and winding streams in America.

In short: Awesome. Our park pass lasts until next saturday, so even though Jackie and Beef are leaving tomorrow, Brad and I are gonna try to make it back again.


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