The First One

Well this is my first post, one week into living in Boulder. So far, I love it out here, the air is fresh, the people are nice, and there are more bikes than TVs.

So. . . heres my house:

See, told you there were more bikes than TVs. . . note, 3 people live here, and there are 8 bikes in the lawn/living room/garage, unfortunately I still had to buy one.

Heres my room:

Awkward setup, I know, but since I don't have a chair, I need the couch at the desk, and since I use my laptop in bed, I need the desk there too. . . . this also allows me to bring my bike inside, and turn it around to leave in the morning without hassle. . . . please don't mock the way I live, I love it.
Heres my bike, her name is Kelly:

Anyway. . . .To answer all of my mother's questions, yes I'm eating well, yes the flight was fine, no I'm not cold at night (but the sleeping bag would be appreciated), and yes, I have met some cool people and am having fun.

SKI Mag: Its really cool working there, everyone is very laid-back, but professional, my bosses bring their dogs to work, and people take long lunches to go on bike rides. Everyone's cubicle has a random piece of hiking/climbing/biking equipment in it, and there are of course skis and ski equipment everywhere.

Speaking of, that will be my main priority in the coming weeks, gear that is, I've been given the arduous yet cool task of coordinating the assemblage of all the product shots for the annual buyers guide. Essentially, I will be logging all the photos as they come in, and making sure that they are uniform, and for the ones that aren't I'll be helping call in and catalog the products, and the tagging along for the studio shoot.

But thats getting ahead. As for week one, it was really cool, I sat in on the weekly meeting (for DOers, they do not call it a budget meeting and I confused the hell out of some people when I said that. . ."Budget? No, accounting stays out of it". . . I guess its a newspaper term). And I log shoots and communicate with photographers. Its a lot like photo editor at The DO, except I don't get to edit, just log and send stuff around. I do get to sit in on edits though.

Outside of work, I've been, well, outside. Its about a 3 mile ride to work each day, and I normally head down to that area twice a day, so that totals an average of 12mi of biking a day.

Also I've been hiking a lot, and camping once too. The first place I went was camping in Idaho Springs, which is not in Idaho, but about a hour away through some gorgeous valleys and next to a beautiful creek. We were camping next to an old mineshaft for gold, and the whole drive up we passed golden tinted dust/clay, mineshafts, and all sorts of mining paraphernalia.

That was also the first hike I went on, to the top of a peak with Brad. We don't know the name of the peak or the height, but the view was cool, so check out the photos. For some reason, Brad and I were the only ones that went hiking, but that was OK, because when we got to the top, it stopped raining and we estimated about 3 rainbows were visible. Only one showed up really strong in the pictures, but if you look closely, there is another just above it, and a third that cuts through them.

More Pics

Then, a couple days after that we went night hiking on Flagstaff, which brought us to about 7000 feet. I don't have many pics from that since I don't have a tripod, but the pics of trying to jump over the moon are pretty fun. Pictured are Brad, Garrett, Amanda, and Jeff.

Yesterday, of course, was when Brad and I photo-trekked the first peak of the Flatirons (you need ropes to do the others, which we don't have, and the views were stunning, Brad summed it up as "Very reminiscent of Lord of the Rings." Lots of photos below.

The only other things for now, are that I started Yoga, and should be headed to a class in a bit, and that I'm still looking for another part-time job . . . I'm in the process of filling out about 5 applications though, so it should be all good.

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